Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Move On.

Salam you all~

Here I wanna tell you that if you fail, please don't ever you giving up! Pleaseee!! Once you fail doesn't mean you will fail again, again and again, FOREVER! NO!

Why people simply giving up when they fail in love? Tell me why??! This is because their mind is very short. They always think that they spend their whole life only for love. Hurmmmm. We live in this world is for spend tyme to doing ibadah. Pegi keje pon ibadah. Makan pon ibadah. Sayang kan seseorang pon ibadah. Our life is not for loving someone so badly. That's why people like this always think want to kill themselves when they fail in love. Free2 kau masuk neraka kan. Before you wanna doing something, plis think first okeyh!

Actually, if you fail, means this is the first stage of successful. For me, when I fail in doing something, I will try my best to get something better in the future. I was fail in subject International Business for Test 1. At first I feel like I'm very useless coz only me fail this subject in the class. malu gile kot. Tak tawu nak letak muka aku ni kat mana. Tuu la, orang lain study, kau sibuk dok dating la, gosip la, kacau orang lain study la, bedengkur laaa. Aisssshhhh! padan muka kau Wani! Then mase test 2 IBM, I put all my effort to this subject. Tapi tak ade la hard sangat. Tidur and makan tetap di dahulukan. You know what, I got 98% for test 2. OMG! tekejut gile kot mase dapat result test 2. Then carry mark aku pon naik mendadak. Alhamdulillah. Then I realize that "Once I fail, doesn't mean I will fail forever". I never give up!

Sama jugak la macam fail in love. I'm sure that many people ever fail in love rite. Like me, I was fail in love for many times. Not once, but MANY! But, I never giving up. I believe that it happen because of own reason. I never blame other party. I believe that Allah will give me the true love. For example macam cite Nora Elena, Eid gagal dalam percintaan dye which is he break engagement between he and Elena. Then he very regret coz leaving Elena. Terang nyata and jelas yang semua berlaku tu adelah kesilapan Eid. Later may be Eid will improve himself and will not repeat his mistake. May be dye akan berubah and mendapat cinta sejati.

Itu la di namakan tak ade jodoh. Sedangkan orang yang nak kawin pon boleh putus, inikan pula orang-orang yang just getting in a relationship. Even you all berjanji nak sehidup semati, if you all not meant to be, you will not together forever! From that I realize that we should love someone secara sederhana. If we love someone very strong, we will be hurting when he/she leaving us.

The best way to successful in whatever you do is please don't ever give up. If you fail means this is a beginning to success. Because of fail we will improve ourselves then we will success. Like I said i fail in Test 1 doesn't mean I will fail in Test 2. See! I got A+ for test 2. and i got A for subject IBM in final exam. Allah is always by your side. Once you fail, you should pray for Allah so that allah will always help you in whatever situation. Tak salah kita berdoa supaya Allah sentiase membantu kita if we fail in love, or fail in exam. trust me, Allah selalu bersama dengan orang yang sentiase taat pada-Nya :)

Even our heart is broken, please don't do something that will harm you like you try to kill yourself, or you down and giving up. Come on la, hidup kita bukan untuk bercinta sahaja. Bunga bukan sekuntum okeyh. Kumbang pon bukan nya sekor. So, please forget the past and move on. Trust me, you will meet someone else that better than your ex. kau gagal dalam bercinta tak bermaksud kau tak akan jumpa cinta sejati. Later you will meet the real love. You will meet a person who really love you and sincere with you. Then you will get happy ending! :)

I will love people who love me more, NOT people who always make me cry =.='

Thanx for reading~

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