Monday, December 21, 2015

Engagement Day Cik Wani


On 6 December 2015 is the day which is I am officially engaged with someone. We only have 3 weeks preparation for this ceremony. His family comes to my house to discuss just a little bit about to further this relationship. They comes on 14 November 2015 which is 1 week after my birthday. And this is the best ever present to me for this year. At first we planned just nak datang merisik end of this year, but both side decide to getting engaged terus.

Dais deco by me and my sister. Just a simple mini pelamin.


Make up paling cepat. Take only 1 hour. but hasilnya sangat mengagumkan.

Thank you ayah for approving me to have one step closer. I love you King.

Dup dap dup dap. This is the feeling masa semua orang focus kat kita. Thanks mother in law to be for your kindness.

Abang-abang kacak ni boyfriends I since I was born. Thank you brother for helping me in whatever situation. Tiada dalam gambar: my only little brother sebab dia busy siapkan assignment dia.

Bersama orang-orang kuat majlis. My lovely sisters, completed 6 of us. Thank you so much!

And... Thanks darling Quraisya for make me gorgeous on my E-day. I love your touched so much!

Just imagine how I managed to make it perfectly. Finally it becomes much better than what I expected. This is exceed my expectation. Terima kasih kepada semua yang datang untuk membantu and sokong saya sebagai sahabat. Thanks too bestfriends sebab sudi ada dengan aku sentiasa ups and downs. A million of thanks to families, relatives, friends, and also my beautiful MUA. I love you everyone!

Oh by the way, barang-barang pelamin tu semua beli within 1 week. For those who wanna have simple mini pelamin, you can rent the items dengan I. I sewa kan murah-murah saja. What for you spend RM300 or more than that for your mini pelamin just for 1 day? Tak worth kan. So, I offered you the price lower than that. Hand flower tu pon include if you amek pakej dengan I. 

Last but not least, doakan segalanya berjalan dengan lancar. Doakan yang baik-baik. Terima kasih again to everyone! Thanks too Encik Tunang sebab apa yang you cakap, you tunaikan. I love you!

-The End-