Monday, January 18, 2016

Once you fail, doesn't means you are fail forever


Once you fail doesn't mean you are fail forever..

I already faced the worst thing ever that is I am failed in a relationship before I met my fiance. Rasanya tak perlu bercerita lebih detail how broke my heart, how hate I am with that person, how cruel he is. Biarlah ini semua jadi kenangan yang takkan pernah aku lupa sebab ianya terlalu sakit. 

That time I feel so loser but not give up. Suddenly come someone who really kind hearted person yang sudi ada dengan aku, dengar semua cerita sedih aku yang tragis ni. Bukan setakat menjadi pendengar setia, tapi beliau lah yang bagi semangat and kata-kata positive untuk aku move on. We know each other through facebook since 2011 but never meet up since I don't trust people. But one day terbuka pintu hati untuk bagi peluang nak kenal dengan Encik Tunang ni. Syukurlah first blind date kami ni adelah permulaan yang baik.

Once I'm comfort with some people, I will hang out again with that person. Makanya kami pon spend time together again just a friend hangout. One day he ask me to meet his parents and I'm agreed. Thank you dear fiance sebab you take a fast action, within 3 month kita kenal you dah introduced me at your family as 'future girlfriend' bak kata ibu you.

Then you said to me "kalau ada jodoh, I nak masuk meminang end of this year". And yes you prove it. I saw your effort in this short period. That's why I never doubt to accept you as my future husband since I am so comfort with you. I thought I don't have anyone to care of me after my plan to getting married is failed before you come. Allah itu maha adil. Dia mengambil seseorang daripada kita dan menggantikan yang lebih baik. So girls, please dont give up if you fail in relationship. Trust in Allah's test. Everything happened with the beautiful and perfect reason.

Someone just left me for no reason, the other person come to me for many reason to colour my life. Thank you so much Mr. Fiance for everything. Let's we counting the days to our big day soon. You are the best men after my dad and brothers. Muahciked!

-The End-