Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Saddest Thing

Assalamualaikum to my lovely readers.

I just share this because I through this situation where some people who are called as friends are become strangers now. Not everyone love the way we are, not every people will stay with us, not all people honest. The hardest feeling is when some people you trust most are betray you and talk bad about you indirectly. Kadang-kadang kita tak kacau hidup depa pon, tapi depa ade perasaan tidak puas hati dengan ape yang kita ade sekarang. Ni normal situation jadi kat setiap orang, cuma how we manage to solve it buatkan perbezaan kematangan seseorang itu dengan orang lain.

Apabila terjadinya conflict among our friends, they will blame you because you are gorgeous maybe. Hahahaha. Just kidding. You will feel uneasy feeling when your closed friends suddenly layan you macam mahu tak mahu. You sendiri akan rase perasaan tu sebab you lagi kenal kawan you. So, they like blame you and jauhkan diri you just because of your little mistake and kadang-kadang you tak noticed pon tu salah you. Perasaan sedih tu datang apabila kawan baik kita sendiri membelakangkan kita.

If the enemy betray you, tak effect apa pon sebab depa tak memberikan you kehidupan yang indah pon. So, why you wanna bother yourself to care every single bad words from enemy kan? Ignore them and just do whatever you wanted. So, perasaan sedih pabila depa mengata you tu adelah sangat sedikit compare to when your own closed friend mengata you. Am I right?

Guys, If you feel this, let's we ignore their bad-mouth. Sebab depa tak memberi apa-apa aura positif pon even though depa la kawan sejati you all di kala satu ketika dahulu. Life must go on, you should move on. You better get a good life rather than berterusan sedih memikirkan "sahabat" yang konon-konon baik tu. Allah knows what best for you.

-The End-

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My true Love

Hai guys, Assalamualaikum ..

Bertahun rasanya tak blogging. Tiba-tiba muncul satu perasaan nak bukak blog yang berhabuk ni just wanna adjust everything. When you read this, you will see my new page, new journey, new age. I was blogging since I was 21, and this year I am 27. Ohhh yeeaaaayyy, how time flies so fast. I am grow up so fast, I am not a little girl to daddy anymore, I am a lady to him now. I love you ayah forever and ever. You will be my best men, my king of my life.

Love is subjective. Love can be define as you care some people for some reason. I met too many kind of people. I already felt heart broken, feel so alone. But Allah have the best ever plan for all of us. Don't ask Him why He don't give you the right person now. Maybe He will give you the best person later. 

Love is come unexpectedly. It will comes suddenly. You will not expect you will fall in love with that person pon. Tak kisah laaa siapa pun depa, either your friend or strangers. Orang akan tanya, "how you easy to fall in love with that person?". That's a normal question. For me, this is love feeling, you will feel comfort with him/her, you will feel safe, easy going and sure happy. 

Yes, I am fall in love with my hero, that is my ayah. Haiii ayah, I love you so much. I am feel so comfy, secure when I'm with you, feel so happy and I for sure you are my everything. Thank you for bring me to this world, thank you for teach me being a good person, thank you for being my lovely king. Post ni dedicated to my dad since few week lagi my birthday. I don't have mummy in this world, So I only have you, ayah. You are the best ever men that I love most. I hope you will be the person yang akad nikah kan saya nanti and sure I will hug you with the tears. Thank you for everything!!!

Andddddd to the other guy who always be with me, yeaahhh you know you I mean, I am so glad you comes to my life, you give me a strength to continue the journey after I am so disappointed with someone, you also the one who make my life beautiful now. Thank you for staying there for me, thank you for lend your eyes to read my every single word, thank you for listen every single things I said. You are the great person, that's why I'm fall in love with you even we just a strangers at the first time. Yes, this is call love comes unexpectedly in so sudden. I love you.

-The End-