Monday, November 9, 2015

08.11.2015 ~ 27 Years Old

Assalamualaikum readers.

On 8 November 2015, I am officially 27 years old. I would like to thanks to everyone who celebrate my birthday, thanks for all wishes, Doa, gift and food treat. I am really appreciated. Thank you so much to my parents who bring me to this world, support everything I do, give whatever I want, pamper me since I was born till now.

Thank you so much my dear aunties yang celebrate my advanced birthday at Magnum Cafe ioi Mall Putrajaya. All dishes and dessert super duper delicious and awesome. I am so touched when the rainbow cake with ice cream datang tiba-tiba with the small candle and they sing birthday song for me. Rasa nak menangis guling-guling. Merekalah tempat bermanja sejak my beloved mom passed away. Thanks Makcik, Maklang, Busu, Kak Nis and my siblings. 

Dessert of the day. 

with sibling and cousin.

Thanks Datin Pon sponsored everything.

On my birthday, someone ask me to lunch. And surprise... dapat bunga. Thanks love. Rasenya dah 3 years tak dapat bunga. Hari-hari I mandikan bunga yang you bagi. Yang paling best you belanja I makan apa-apa yang I rasa nak makan. Yang paling special, you potongkan jagung and ayam untuk I sebab si gigi besi sukar mahu makan. Thanks because treat me like a princess on my special day. Bukan hanya pada special day, but everyday I am your princess.

The dish so best. Cawan tu dapat bawak balik umah. Maybe sempena hadiah birthday.

Thank you so much love for this flower. I love you!

Last but not least, terima kasih mak kerana melahirkan wani dan mendidik anak-anak sehingga berjaya. Semoga mak tenang di Sana dan di tempatkan bersama golongan orang beriman. I love you so much mak. No one can replace you in my heart. Al-Fatihah.

- The End -

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