Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Chemical Pregnancy

Hi readers,

I just wanna share some info about chemical pregnancy. One month ago I through this situation. What is chemical pregnancy? Chemical pregnancy ni means you have early miscarriage which is occur less than 5 weeks. The sign you face this situation is with urine test at home. Few days after you check upt and show the double line, suddenly your period is come. I make the test when 3 days period late. Just saja nak check sebab 10 days before expected day of period, aku mengalami cramp kat perut. It was like senggugut, but more heavy, sakit sangat compared to period pain.

After check upt on early morning, Jam 5am, gigih ni nak bangun check. Boleh pulak pagi tu husband terjaga and cari wife dia sebab  takda kat sebelah. Tengah tunggu result upt, tetiba husband panggil and tanya kenapa lama sangat kat toilet. The result show very faint line. Masa tu terkejut sangat sebab memang nampak double line. First time try before period delayed dulu show the negative result. But this time show faint line means weak positive.

After solat subuh, tunjuk upt kat husband. That time memang rasa happy gile even tak confirm yang aku pregnant. Then husband cakap just wait one week if tak period, pegi klinik untuk check. That time memang cramp lagi perut. Rasa sakit macam darah tak keluar-keluar (worst than period pain)

After 3 days check upt, I am bleeding (heavy bleeding similar with menstrual blood). Masa keluar darah tu memang tak tawu pasal chemical preganancy pon. Dalam hati ni, "ohhh, maybe false positive kot. tak pregnant". Just pelik sebab darah "period" yang keluar tu sangat banyak and tak bagi hint nak datang bulan pon. Biasanya kalau period datang tu, darah coklat-coklat je keluar for the first and second day. Tapi, time tu darah tetiba keluar banyak. Malam before bleeding tu memang perut cramp tahap meksimum. Ajak husband pegi klinik. Then doctor cakap tak boleh scan because too early. Need to come back after 2 weeks if period not come.

Elok je lepas pegi klinik, esoknya bleeding. Memang time tu mati-mati ingatkan darah period yang hanya lambat seminggu. Esoknya I fly to Perth. So, I tak sempat nak google meaning of faint line and tak sempat pergi klinik. One week holiday at Perth and memang period macam biasa datang one week. After back from Perth, baru ade masa nak google meaning of faint line kat upt tu.

Then I found about CHEMICAL PREGNANCY. This is the exactly same situation that I through. After read all about the sign, definition and research about chemical pregnancy, terus whatsapp husband. Ok, baru tawu yang sebenarnya aku ni pregnant and gugur (3-4 weeks macamtu)

By the way, thank you Allah for giving me some experience to be mummy to be. Experience pregnant which is cramp for everyday until bleeding, rasa sakit kat punggung. Thanks for all of this experience. Just an awesome experience. Ok, let's we try again husband! I feel blessed having the best husband for me, who always be with me upside down.

- The End -

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